Improve your Squash game!


1. There is no substitute for good length down the walls.

2. Drops and length is always a confident playing scheme.

3. Cross court only if you want your opponent to stop crowding - low and in the middle of the front wall.

4. Concentration - Say "HIT" in your mind when you and your opponent hit the ball. This way you can keep your concentration on the ball.

5. Be prepared before you hit the ball. Get your feet in position before you hit the ball. FIRST - GET THERE !!!

6. Front foot forward all the time.

7. Move opponent around and off the "T".

8. No trick shots, you will more often than not hit the tin. Play safe shots, let the other player take the chances and make the mistakes.

9. When the other player is in front of you, play length, and when he/she is behind you, play drops. This way you're always keeping the ball away from them, keeping them off balance and letting them make the mistakes.

10. Don't play the ball back to the other player, keep it away from them or they have all the control.

11. Mind control is very important Try to keep your mind on the game. Don't get upset, just play point after point, then concentration and consistency will come your way.

12. Keep on your toes or the balls of your feet so the momentum is always there - you'll be more prepared if you do.

13. SMILE - What are you so mad about, it's only a game.

14. Hit length so that the ball doesn't touch the side of the wall and so that it hits about two-thirds(2/3) up the front wall and about a foot or less off the side wall.

15. Drop shots - get level with the ball - bend your knees - swing through the ball. Try to under cut the ball so that it will sit down more. (Topspin)

16. WATCH THE BALL all the time, from your racquet to you opponent's racquet and back - keeping your eye on the ball has to be one of the most important factors in playing good squash.

17. Wear safety glasses - or practice reading this with only one eye.

18. Remember the key 5 "C" words to playing any sport well :


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